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Timidity as a MIDI server

MEPIS 8.0 can be used with Midi. To enable Midi support, install these three packages:

timidity freepats kmid

To test things out, you can play a midi file from cli like this:

timidity file.midi

Timidity can however also act as a midi server for other applications. You can start timidity from the cli as a regular user with:

timidity -iA -Os

and leave the command window open

Open up kmid, and click Settings --> MidiSetup, then select

TiMidity port 0

When you are finished switch back to the terminal window and issue Crtl + c to stop the timidity process.

If you want timidity to start on boot, edit /etc/default/timidity to remove the hash from the following line


so it reads like the example below



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