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Midnight Commander or "mc" uses the full screen space of the terminal to provide an intuitive user interface for navigating and managing files. It is supplied by default with MEPIS 7.0, and can be installed through Synaptic in earlier versions and in MEPIS 8.


To install it in MEPIS 8, run this command in konsole (as root), or use Synaptic:

apt-get install mc

To run as an ordinary user, right-click the desktop, select Run Command, and type:


If you want to alter system files and settings, you will have to become root before launching MC. That is most easily done in a terminal:


By default, both sides show the /home folder. To learn about navigating the screen, click on "1 Help" in the lower left corner, then Enter. Use the space bar to go forward in the document, "b" to go back.


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