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Audio editing

This page lists useful packages for multimedia editing. Most of the information is gathered from here;

apt-get install ubuntustudiolauncher libmad0 lame-extras libavifile-0.7c2 liblame0 libdvdcss2 libdvdnav4 libdvdplay0 libdvdread3 dvdrtools dvdbackup dvdauthor transcode vamps k9copy rosegarden4 timidity audacity cecilia zynaddsubfx hydrogen muse alsa-utils jack-tools jackd jackeq abcde terminatorX ardour-gtk hydrogen jackd jackeq jack-rack jamin qjackctl qsynth seq24 vkeybd ams amsynth zynaddsubfx blop caps cmt fil-plugins ladspa-sdk mcp-plugins omins swh-plugins tap-plugins vcf-plugins aconnectgui alsa-tools alsa-tools-gui ams amsynth ardour-gtk ardour-session-exchange beast bitscope bristol cheesetracker cmt creox csound denemo cdparanoia dssi-example-plugins dssi-host-jack dssi-utils ecamegapedal ecasound fil-plugins fluidsynth freebirth freewheeling freqtweak galan gmorgan gnusound gtick horgand jackbeat jack-rack jack-tools kluppe mixxx puredata qjackctl sooperlooper

When everything is installed start ubuntustudio from the command line.

Video editing

cinelerra - (dependency issues)

jahshaka - (dependency issues)

apt-get install cinepaint qdvdauthor stopmotion kino

avidemux - A small editing software for avi. (especially DivX)

cinepaint - A painting and image retouching program designed to work best with 35mm film and other high resolution high dynamic range images.

qdvdauthor - A GUI frontend for dvdauthor and other related tools.

stopmotion - A program for creating stop motion animation.

kino - A non-linear editor for Digital Video data.

Image editing

Gimp with Photoshop type menu ;

apt-get install inkscape blender gimp-gap gimp-dcraw scribus

inkscape - A vector-based drawing program.

blender - A very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer.

gimp-gap - gimp animation

gimp-dcraw - A plug-in to import RAW images.

scribus - A open source desktop page layout program.

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