NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT OC AGP installation Tips

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Nvidia 6600 GT OC AGP Setup for MEPIS

Used these links for reference



All steps performed as root user

1. Starting from a clean installation, boot from the LiveCD - use F3 to select 1280x1024 resolution, or whatever resolution best suits your monitor, and use the first kernel on list (in my case the precompiled NVIDIA kernel would not boot)

2. Use synaptic to install these items if they are not already installed

- gcc

- linux-headers for 2.6.15-27-desktop

- make

- nvidia_kernel-source

- pkg-config- telnetd

- xserver-xorg-dev

- Run upgrade for all installed packages

3. Remove nvidia-glx and restricted-modules (see http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/Latest_Nvidia_Dapper method 2) - this removes nvidia-kernel stuff

4. Make backup copy of /etc/X11/xorg.conf file

5. Disable Guarddog firewall in Internet/Security/Guarddog/Advanced Tab so telnet will work

6. Download latest nvidia driver (9755 at the time) from nvidia.com

7. Restart system to ensure it boots OK from hard disk.

8. Stop xserver with init 3 command

9. Download and install the NVIDIA-Linux-xxx.run file - answer OK to all questions

10. Start xserver with init 5 command. If screen comes up blank, telnet in from another computer, change to root, and restore original xorg.conf file or boot from LiveCD, mount hda2 and restore original xorg.conf.

11. Will have to reboot after restoring the original xorg.conf file to login to the desktop

12. Follow these steps from http://www.mepis.org/node/11279

- Go to System Configuration/Peripherals/MEPIS X-Windows Assistant

- Click on NVIDIA tab

- Click on nvidia(new) (also enabled Twinview since the 6600GT is a dual monitor output card) and then apply

- Utilities will then d/l and install driver - progress bar should run

- Setup tells you to reboot - do so, system will come up with a blank display again

12. Telnet into the system and change user to root then use the command dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg this will allow you to reconfigure the xorg in a more controlled way,

13. Select the options that apply to your system, selecting nvidia as driver and glx as a module, be sure to deselect the dri module.

14. Reboot, should see nvidia splash screen before login comes up

15. After reboot, go to KMenu>System>NVIDIA X Server Settings and X Server Display Configuration, enable CRT-1 and configure appropriately

16. Right click on desktop and select Configure Desktop. In Display - Size & Orientation tab verify that screen size is the aggregate total of the two displays, in the Multiple Monitors tab verify multiple monitor settings. In Background make sure that Setting for desktop (for all desktops) is set for Across All Screens and set anything else that you like.

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