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First check that your device is recognized, using the Troubleshooting tab in MEPIS 8 Network Assistant to scan your hardware, or opening a terminal and typing as root:

lspci | grep -i net

Then consult this list to see which driver it uses under Linux.

Driver list

  • wlan-ng supports quite a lot of chipsets.
  • madwifi for Atheros chipsets (AR5210, AR5211, AR5212 and AR5213)
  • ath5k is a completely open-source driver for Atheros 5000 series (a,b,g) chipsets. It is built into the kernel, but can be added to older kernels >= 2.6.22 by building and installing drivers from Your existing version can also be updated with this method. It cannot coexist with the madwifi drivers, so is disabled in the Mepis 8 configuration, but is simple to reenable.
  • ath9k is the kernel's native driver for Atheros 802.11n chipsets (AR5416, AR5418, AR9160, AR9280, AR9281, AR9285). The notes for ath5k also apply for this chipset. It does not compete with madwifi, and should work by default in the 2.6.32+ kernel.
  • rt2x00 project for a unified driver for Ralink's rt2400, rt2500, and rt2570 chipsets (beta). Check Ralink Linux Support for drivers direct from the manufacturer.
  • rt2x00 project for better-maintained versions of Ralink's own "legacy drivers."
  • ipw2100 for Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 Mini PCI
  • ipw2200 for Intel Pro/Wireless 2200 Mini PCI
  • iwlwifi-3945-ucode for Intel Pro/Wireless 3945 AB/G Mini PCI-E
  • iwlwifi-4965-ucode for Intel Pro/Wireless 4965 AB/G Mini PCI-E
  • orinoco for some Prism 2-based cards
  • prism54 for Prism 54-based cards
  • bcm43xx for Broadcom 43xx-based cards (old)
  • b43 for Broadcom 43xx-based cards
  • broadcom-wl for recent 43xx Broadcom cards not supported by bcm43xx or b43.
  • broadcomm-sta is a port from upstream Debian that will also help build a wl driver for Mepis 8.
  • rtl8185 and rtl8187 for Realtek usb devices with those chipsets (also test the Windows driver with ndsiwrapper for performance)


To upgrade these drivers to the latest build, follow this procedure


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