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Since netbooks have no CD capacity, you will need to use a bootable USB stick to install or use an external USB CD/DVD-ROM Drive.


Most notebooks run MEPIS 11 without special effort. In addition, there are special activities (Search and Launch) and desktop settings (netbook) that are particularly suited to the machine's format. Consult the User's Manual and the Netbook Desktop section of the KDE4 desktop wiki page for more details.

MEPIS or antiX 8.5

The netbook version of MEPIS 8.5 fits on a 1 GB USB key and installs many applications in addition to the basic CD version. Get SimplyMEPIS-USB_8.5.03-rel1_32.iso or SimplyMEPIS-USB_8.5.03-rel1_64.iso from the usual sources.

When KDE 4.4 is released, you will be able to set up a netbook with a special version of KDE 4.4 by installing plasma-netbook.



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