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Networkmanager is included as Knetworkmanager with the KDE desktop that comes with MEPIS.

To enable automatic mode, simply select and apply it in the MEPIS Network Assistant. This will clear all entries in /etc/network/interfaces, which allows networkmanager to take control. It will also restart dbus and networking which USUALLY will allow network manager to work immediately. But in some cases, networkmanager will not initialize and detect properly until you reboot.

To activate a connection with networkmanager,

  1. Start knetworkmanager and let it reside in the systray
  2. Select the connection you want to use.
  3. If it doesn't recognize your hardware at first, REBOOT.

NOTE: if you revert to manual networking mode, you MUST remove knetworkmanager from the tray by right-clicking the icon and selecting Quit!

Known Issues

  • When used with a bcm43xx chipset and an unencrypted AP, Networkmanager is unable to connect.
  • The native Linux driver for rt2500 doesn't work with Networkmanager due to a bug

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