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Oracle-xe (Express Edition) is a non-free (as in freedom) but gratis version of the world-class relational database management system Oracle RDBMS that can be installed on MEPIS. Although it is a lightweight compared to commercial versions, Oracle-xe is still much more demanding than MySQL or PostgreSQL, so you will need a decent machine to put it on.


Follow these steps to install oracle-xe on MEPIS:

  1. First add the oracle repository to your sources list. As root, create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/oracle.list, and put this line in it:
    deb unstable main non-free
  2. Save the file, and update
    apt-get update
  3. Now install oracle-xe and its client. This will install some dependencies as well.
    apt-get install oracle-xe oracle-xe-client
    NOTE: This is a huge download (around 250 MB). It will probably take a while, depending on your connection.
  4. After the installation, get to a root Konsole (if you aren't already), and execute:
    /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure
  5. This will launch the oracle-xe configuration script. Take the defaults on everything (except the password, of course) unless you have a good reason to use different ports. This should set up the web administration interface on port 8080 and the database interface on port 1521.
  6. When oracle has finished its configuration, open a browser and direct it to http://localhost:8080/apex (or whatever you set the port to, if you changed it).
  7. Log in as "sys" with the password you set during configuration.
  8. Congratulations! You have set up oracle-xe on MEPIS.
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