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You would do well to organize your files before you make the switch from Windows to MEPIS. Here are some important steps to take.


Delete files you do not need

Much of the data on your computer you will never need to use again, and there is no value in saving it. Before switching to MEPIS, you would benefit from identifying and removing unnecessary data since it will reduce the amount of data which you must copy across to your new MEPIS installation. There are many tools available to help you to remove unused files. Windows XP has a built-in tool to help you to clean-up your files. Click Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Cleanup.

Move all of your files into one location

It is recommended that you move all of the files you wish to save into a single location such as your My Documents folder. This way, everything you need is centralized rather than being spread across multiple directories.

Organize your files

If your data is organized neatly, back-up and retrieval of that data when you make the switch will be much easier. It is recommended that you re-organize your data with subdirectories for different files and folders. A clear document organization will make it less likely that you will forget an important document when making the switch.

Make a copy of all of the files you want

Good practice suggests you make and store a copy of all files you will need after switching to MEPIS. There are many ways of doing this, with the easiest being to burn the files to a CD or DVD. Choose what suits your particular circumstances. After you have made a copy of your files, check that they have been copied successfully. If you have many files, at least check the most important files and randomly check other files where possible. This will help to protect you from data loss.

Find forgotten files

You may have forgotten where you stored some files, and may miss them for back-up and transferral. One way to solve this is to search for files of a specific type. Click Start --> Search. Click the All files and folders button. In the box All or part of the file name:, enter the type of document (e.g., *.pdf) you wish to search for. Make sure that the Local hard drives option is selected, then click Search to find all files of that type.

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