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If you've been using Windows for many months or years, it's easy to take for granted what you need to back up before migrating to MEPIS. Take a look at the following checklist showing common types of data to make sure you have backed up everything.


Standard Documents

  • Wordprocessor documents: .doc .odt .sxw .wpd
  • Spreadsheet documents: .ods .sxc .xls .xlr .wps
  • Presentation documents: .odp .ppt
  • Drawing documents: .cdr .odd .wpg


  • Digital audio: .aac .mp3 .ogg .ra .wav .wma
  • Digital video: .asf .avi .dv .mov .mp4 .mpeg .mpg .vob .wmv
  • Pictures: .bmp .gif .jpeg .jpg .png .svg .tif
  • Digital camera pictures: .cr2 .dng .mrw .nef .raw



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