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MEPIS has available through the repos a group of applications that are able to handle full SMS control, dialing calls, phonebook, and phone status monitoring. These days, many cellphones support Bluetooth as a connection mechanism for moving data to and from cellphones, so often a direct-USB-cable link is NOT needed. Instead, you'd need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter if your computer doesn't have one, to use as the other half of the Bluetooth connection. See Bluetooth for detailed instructions on setting up a Bluetooth adaptor on MEPIS.

In some cases it may be preferable to connect to the phone with a direct USB cable that can be easily found for your particular phone.


  • ObexFTP Frontend -- available in the repos. Works for two-way file transfer with certain mobile phones.
  • kmobiletools -- available in the repos. An application that allows to control mobile phones with your PC and is fully integrated with the KDE environment.
  • Bitpim -- available in the repos. Allows you to view, manipulate, and transfer data on many CDMA mobile phones. ['Verizon Wireless', 'Sprint', 'Alltel', and 'USCellular' are among the US carriers who support CDMA mobile phones.] Look in Bitpim's list of supported phones to see if yours is supported. This application supports both USB-cable and Bluetooth connections.
  • Wammu -- available in the repos. A mobile phone manager that particularly supports many Nokia phones.
  • Gnokii -- available in the repos. A mobile phone manager that can connect using a USB cable, infrared or Bluetooth.


  • As with a PDA, things usually work better if the phone is plugged directly into the motherboard, not into a hub, a monitor, etc.


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