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This is a classic game from the old days of DOS. For those of you who know the game I'm sure you'll get a kick out of reviving the experience. And for those of you who don't know it, this your chance to try an amazing old classic game.

First step is to install DOSBox Emulator. Go to the startmenu --> System --> Synaptic Package Manager Look for the DOSBox emulator and download it. type 'dosbox' in the searchfield to find the package directly.

Second, download the actual game. I recommend this webpage to download. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the download link. Beware of the 'download here' ads. A .zip file will be downloaded. Just as an example, let's say you will save the file under '/home/user/games', although you can of course choose whatever directory you want.

Now use dolphin to go to the directory were the .zip file is, right-click it and chosse 'Extract --> Extract Archive Here'. This will create a folder called 'Prince' with all the files inside it.

Now that you have the program installed, go to your terminal and type 'dosbox'. This will open a DOS terminal.

In the DOS terminal, you first have to mount a C drive. We will mount the drive in the 'prince' folder. So, in the DOS terminal from DOSBox, type: Code: mount c /home/user/Games/Prince/

Remember to adapt the line above to whatever path you used to save the game. Also remember to change 'user' for whatever name you have chosen in your system.

At least in my case, the keys from my keyboard don't really match with the DOS terminal, so you might have to fiddle around a bit to find the keys that will allow you to use the '/' and the ':' symbols.

Now let's go to the newly mounted directory by tipying: Code: c:

We should now be on the Prince folder. All you have to do run the game is type Code: prince.exe

Extra tip: The controls for the game are simply the keys and the shift key, which is like the action button.

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