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The information in this article pertains to 64 bit version of SimplyMEPIS

SimplyMepis32 will work on all processors, but SimplyMepis64 may run more efficiently on a 64-bit system. Only some of the newer processors are 64-bit. SimplyMepis64 allows you to have more than 4 GB main memory and allows some programs to work with bigger numbers natively (2^64 instead of 2^32). However, not all programs and drivers have been compiled to work in the 64 bit environment yet. 64 bit issues

AMD Processors that SimplyMepis64 works on

  • Athlon64
  • Athlon64-FX
  • Athlon64-X2
  • Opteron series
  • Sempron64
  • Turion64

Intel Processors that SimplyMepis64 works on

  • Core 2 Quad
  • Core 2 Duo desktop
  • Core 2 Duo mobile
  • Pentium4 Prescott with EM64T
  • PentiumD with EM64T

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