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Programs used for accessing remotely the desktop

  • KRfb program (=KDE Desktop Sharing). Depending on your version of MEPIS it may be preinstalled. If it is, you can start it either from K Menu -> Internet -> Connection -> krfb or by typing "krfb" in terminal or in run command. If it is not, then install the package through your usual method. See the Handbook for details.
  • NX Server -- a very good program for remote access. Offers great performance.

Connectivity issues

  1. Your computer should have either a real IP address, or if it uses NAT, your have to forward the port used by the remote access programs to the local IP address assigned to your computer.
  2. Make sure your firewall doesn't block the port that's used for remote connections.
  3. Make sure that your IP address doesn't change, if you don't have control over it, try the free Dynamic DNS service offered by
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