Replacing KDM with GDM

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GDM login manager

If you prefer to use GDM (GNOME Display Manager) instead of KDM you can install the package gdm through Synaptic or with this simple apt-get command as root in a terminal:

apt-get install gdm 

When prompted, select gdm to be the default display manager.

Removal of KDE

If you want Gnome to be your sole desktop environment, you will probably want to remove KDE because of its size. See KDE4 removal for instructions. Make sure you know which Gnome apps you are going to install first,

GNOME desktop environment

If you are after a full GNOME desktop environment (not just the login manager GDM) then use Synaptic or apt-get on the command line to install these two packages:

gnome gnome-desktop-environment

(this will take a while to download/install)

Use Synaptic to install any other GNOME packages that you would like. Browse the GNOME packages available in Synaptic by selecting "Sections" (bottom left) then select "GNOME Desktop Environment."

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