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SLBS (Simple Linux Backup Software) is a simple and configurable backup utility. It provides a simple back-up procedure that allows you to select individual files as well as whole directories (or a mix of both).

SLBS consists of 2 small parts:

   * SBCP - the configuration GUI
   * bkup - the actual backup script.


OK - on to the standard install.

  1. First - go here and read about it. Read the disclaimer. All I can tell you is that it works very nicely for me so far
  2. Download the software from Sourceforge - this link. You get the choice of 3 architectures i386, x86_64 and PPC.
  3. Unzip the archive into an appropriate directory on your system. No other installation step is required.



  • If you haven't done this already, I suggest you go to this page and have a look at the walk-through on how to configure the backup program. There's some nice screenshots - it's easy!
  • Once you have looked through the documentation on setup, you are ready to start the config program. Navigate to your new directory in Konqueror and click the file:

This will bring up the configuration wizard, which is pretty self-explanatory.


The last part of the backup config has to do with scheduling an automatic daily backup via Cron.

Now - here's the mildly tricky bit. I turn my comp off at night, and I prefer my backup to go to my external hard-drive which I only turn on when I need it - the rest of the time it stays off. So what I wanted was to change the config setup by SBCP from automatic backups into a manual system - that I run only when I want to. Here's how I did that.

  1. Installed Kcron via Synaptic. With that I could locate the cron entry to schedule the daily backups automatically - and delete it.
  2. Now I needed a simple bash script so that I could run my backup. See below.
     exec /home/brooko/Programs/SimpleBackup/bkup /home/brooko/.simplebackup "$@"
     The first part goes to my directory and executes the script. The second part tells the script where the config files are located. This will always be /home/yourusername/.simplebackup
  3. I saved this file as backup in my /home/brooko/Programs directory. I also made sure it was executable.
  4. Now to create an icon shortcut. I put mine in my kmenu under System. I edited the menu (right click kmenu - choose edit), click System and add new item. Call it Backup, choose an icon. In the command field type
     sh ./backup In the Work Path put the location of the bash file /home/yourusername/Programs (for me /home/brooko/Programs)
  5. Don't forget to click the save icon in the kmenu file.

Now - if your medium for saving is turned off - eg external hard-drive (this is the one you specified in the config file earlier), then turn it on and make sure it's mounted! Choose Kmenu > System > Backup

Wait a bit until it's finished - then go check the directory you specified to store your backups. You should now have two files there (eg Backup.dayoftheweek.tar.gz and Backup.dotw.index). Try opening the tar.gz file in konqueror - check to see what it backed up. In case of a crash - it should be pretty easy to unzip the contents back to the crashed directory.

Now - as mentioned earlier - the program creates a config directory in /home/yourusername/.simplebackup/ If you ever need to start afresh - you can always delete this directory & totally rerun the config utility again.

You're done. Happy backing up.

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