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Getting started

First, check that your scanner is listed on the Sane website.
Then try some scanner software (refer to the Scanner section of the Linux Software page)

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Some scanner software has the capability for OCR if an OCR package is installed. (Again, refer to the Scanner section of the Linux Software page)
For hints and stories, search the MEPIS Community forum for "OCR".

Problem solving

1) Verify that your username is included in the scanner group.
GUI method Open KUser, click on the Groups tab, double-click on "scanner" and look for your username in the left hand column. If it is not there, find it in the right-hand column and move it over.
CLI method Open a terminal, become root, and type

kwrite /etc/group

Look for the line beginning with the word "scanner" and make sure your user name is somewhere after the last colon. If not, add it as root, so it would look something like this.


2) Plug your scanner directly into the motherboard, not through a hub.
3) Remove conflict with component:

kdesu kate /etc/sane.d/dll.d/libsane-extras

You will be prompted for the root password.

  • Put a # symbol at the beginning of this line:

This will "comment it out" of the active configuration.

Save the file.
4) For some Epson scanners, it may help to install:


5) You may have to manually edit the configuration file. Click KMenu --> System --> File System --> File Manager - Superuser mode, and provide the root password. Navigate to and open the file


Scroll to the bottom, and insert two new lines:

[usb] 0x03f0 0x0605
device /dev/usbscanner

then save the file.

Specific scanner help

Canon LIDE25

Hewlett packard 3970c


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