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A segmentation fault occurs when a program or process attempts to access an unauthorised memory location. When this occurs while a program is running, it creates a signal 11 sigsev error message. It is not unusual to be able to close the error message and continue using the program, more often though the program or process will abnormally terminate. It can also occur when a program is starting and cause it to terminate without any message, this may be checked for by starting the program from the command line, if this is the case it will produce the message segmentation fault.


  • A program or process bug.
  • A program written in C trying to access a memory address beyond the end of the array.
  • An overheated computer. (check inside for dust)
  • Faulty memory, hardware or driver.
  • A config file, /dev entry, or shared lib file is not installed or not where it should be.

Debugging Tools

These tools that may be useful are in the Repositories

  • catchsegv
  • strace

If the suspect program is started via the konsole, it may gives clues as to the cause of the error.

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