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These are some time tested rule of thumb for new users of MEPIS. If you have enough knowledge and experience you can skip these recommendations.

  1. Always read the prompts, if apt-get or Synaptic tries to remove a number of packages say "No".
  2. Use the Recommended sources.list.
  3. Use upgrade, but never dist-upgrade or smart upgrade. Read here to understand the difference.
  4. When given the choice between the maintainer's config and what's on your system, use the default, which is 'N'.
  5. If you have several packages being "held back", you can try upgrading them individually using apt-get install. Sometimes packages are held back because they need to install or upgrade additional packages to be upgraded, and these are typically safe to upgrade. Sometimes packages are held back because they will uninstall half your system if you install them. These are best left alone. Just read carefully and always say 'N' if you aren't sure.

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