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  • In KMix, goto the switches tab and disable "Line Jack Sense" & "Headphone Jack Sense" but this may only work for some Intel drivers. You might first try clicking on the "Led" indicators (still in "Switches" tab) to change operational status of each item (selectors). Then test sound output on speakers and on headset jack (laptops). In some instances you may find that speakers don't work but headset jack does. Use KDE "Control Center" (K-Menu - Settings - Control Center), then "Sound & Multimedia" and click on "Sound System". Make sure "Enable the sound system" is checked then use "Test Sound" button at the bottom of the window to check audio output (or play an MP-3 file in the loop or repeat mode with any media player).


Soundblaster Extigy

ATI SB600 Azalia



  • Many cards will not work if you do not have an amplifier and have selected "External Amplifier"

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