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To take advantage of the Community Repository for MEPIS 11 (For other MEPIS versions, see the Sources.list page), you need to enable at least one of the four sections described in the introduction of the Community Repository page.
Before enabling the CR, please read the warnings in the Community Repository page, especially about the restricted and testing repos.

Method 1 - via Synaptic

This is the easiest method for most users. To add the desired Community Repos directly in Synaptic > Settings > Repositories. See this Video Tutorial:

Method 2 - Edit your sources.list directly

As root, edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and use copy and paste to replace all the contents of the file so it looks just like the list shown below. Note that the sign "#", as in front of the top directions below, serves to comment out a line of code so it is not read. For more information how to edit your sources.list, see Editing sources.list

--Last updated Feb. 13, 2013--

# See sources.list(5) for more information
# This file should be edited through synaptic
# MEPIS improvements, overrides and updates--the MEPIS magic -

# deb mepis-11.0 main

# Alternate HTTP URL of mirror for those that can't use FTP
deb mepis-11.0 main 

# MEPIS master pools, please use only if mirror is slow or down
# deb mepis-11.0 main 

# Debian Repos
deb squeeze main contrib non-free
# deb-src squeeze main contrib non-free
deb squeeze/updates main contrib non-free
deb squeeze-updates main
# Alternate HTTP URL of repos for those that can't use FTP
# deb squeeze main contrib non-free

# Some Debian Multimedia software might be illegal in some jurisdictions
# Also, many of the packages in this repository have even newer versions in the 
# restricted community repositories below.  (Same legal issues apply)  It is 
# recommended to try enabling only the community repositories first before
# resorting to deb-multimedia.
# deb squeeze main non-free

# MEPIS Community Main and Test
deb mepis11cr main non-free
# deb mepis11cr test

# MEPIS Community Restricted, Restricted-non-free and Test-Restricted
# note: Keep the restricted repos disabled, they're not currently hosted on any server.
# deb mepis11cr restricted restricted-non-free
# deb mepis11cr test-restricted

Troubleshooting: Check your preferences

Should already be set correctly by default, but make sure the preference is set to prefer highest version: Open Synaptic > Settings > Preferences > Distribution tab. Click the radio button for "Always prefer the highest version"

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