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Please consider adding these features:

Installer feature requests:

  • Custom Install/Minimum install It would be nice to be able to choose which packages to install (or not) to hdd, so a Minimal/Basic install is possible (with or without KDE)
  • Encrypted partition option would be a great addition to the installer:
  • Raid option on install Definitely WITH the encrypted partitions option above!
  • Split install across multiple hard drives Say system on hda, swap on hdb and home sda as an example.
  • Find packages added by hand in old system, as described in Which packages did I add?, and propose their re-installation in the new system (e.g. mark candidates in Synaptic). (Also consider changing /etc/logrotate.d/dpkg in such a way that /var/log/dpkg.log is kept much longer.)

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