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What is SSH?

SSH is Secure SHell, and is a secure protocol which enables a user to remotely control their systems via console commands. It is enabled on a system by running sshd (ssh daemon), and can be accessed remotely by using a ssh client (eg/ ssh, putty etc...)

How do I get it?

Install openssh-server from Synaptic or using apt-get:

apt-get install openssh-server

Securing SSH

Starting sshd at boot time in MEPIS

In some Linux distributions the ssh service is turned off or disabled by default.

Some distributions place a flag file in a known location that prevents the service from starting. Other distributions prevent ssh from starting by the use of init scripts which stop the service from starting in the first place. MEPIS uses the second approach.

To startup ssh at boot time in MEPIS, issue the following commands as root (see the man page of update-rc.d for more info):

update-rc.d -f ssh remove
update-rc.d ssh defaults

... and if the ssh daemon is not running yet issue the command as root:

/etc/init.d/ssh start

To test whether sshd is working su back to ordinary user then run the command:

ssh localhost

To allow connections from other machines, you also have to enable it in Guarddog (or other firewall you might be using).

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