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To start a program or script automatically when a user logs in, add a link or script in


Make a link (using the file manager Dolphin or Konqueror) by dragging an executable file (typically from the directory /usr/bin/) to the folder .kde/Autostart/ in your home directory, and select "link here". You can also drag the item off the KMenu into the Autostart folder.
Alternatively you can make an application link icon on your desktop then right click the desktop link icon you made, and select 'Move To' > 'Browse' from the Select Folder dialog window, then right click in the Folders window and select 'Show Hidden Folders' then browse to the /home/user-you/.kde/Autostart/ folder and click OK. This app will now auto start at login, also next time you make an applink on your desktop, right clicking it and selecting 'Move To' should now have remembered the location of the Autostart folder and it will be on the bottom of the locations list. Easy!

See the Script Page to learn to make one.

See also: Executing a command at boot time

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