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MEPIS 8.5 and 11

Suspending to RAM and suspending to disk are available off the Start Menu > Leave.

MEPIS 8 and earlier

In theory, Suspend to Disk and Suspend to RAM are executed by right-clicking the Kpowersave1 icon on the right side of Kicker (taskbar). In practice, there are often difficulties, depending on factors such as the video card, the wireless card and the filesystem used. Things can however be much better with MEPIS 8.

1NOTE: some users report better success using klaptopdaemon, available through Synaptic

Suspend to Disk

NOTE: the following is unnecessary with MEPIS 7,x, which has this entry by default.

(The following has been tested with success on a number of different laptops). In order to get Suspend to Disk to work, you need to edit the file /grub/menu.lst which you can open using one of these methods:

Graphical method

  • KMenu --> System --> File System --> File Manager, Super User Mode
  • Supply root's password
  • In the address bar, enter /boot/grub/
  • Click on the file menu.lst

Command line method

  • Open console and become root
  • Enter
cd /boot/grub
nano menu.lst

Once the file is open

At the end of the line that starts with "kernel" add


replacing /dev/hdax with the reference to your swap partition. If you do not know what the swap partition is, enter

cat /etc/fstab 

and look for the line with swap. Once the file has been changed, save it and reboot. If you run into problems, search the MEPIS forums for solutions to particular hardware configurations.


If you have an Nvidia card with the official nvidia driver enabled, you need to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf. In the section 'device' there is a number of Nvidia special options. Add (or edit)

Option "NvAGP" "1"

Suspend to RAM

This used to be (and maybe still is) much harder to get operational. Search the MEPIS forums for help. It however works like a charm at least on some hardware with MEPIS 8 and you may want to do it automatically when closing the lid.

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