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Setting The Time Zone

Using The Control Center

From the menu select Control Center, then System Administration, then Date and Time.


You must click on the Administrator Mode button and enter the root password to change the time zone setting.


You can now select a city that is in your time zone.

To move quickly through the list click on any entry and then press the first letter of the city you want to choose and you will be moved there.

By default the list is sorted alphabetically by city names. To sort by another heading click on that heading.

Using The Command Line

Open a terminal window and enter the command date. This will display the current date and the time zone abbreviation.

You have to enter the root password to change the time zone. After entering the root password you enter the command:

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata


You will now be prompted for the information needed to set your time zone.


Select the geographic area from the list using the cursor keys and then tab to OK and press the enter key.


Select a city in your time zone from the list using the cursor keys and then tab to OK and press the enter key.

When you are done you should see a screen like the one below.


Multiple Time Zones for Default Clock

The default clock applet that appears in the task bar can be configured to display multiple time zones when you hover your mouse over it.

Place your mouse over the clock and right click. Select Configure Clock from the context menu. Select the Timezones tab. The geographic areas are listed, click on the arrow by a geographic area to expand the city list and then select the cities you want to display and click OK. Now when you hover your mouse over the clock you will see the time in all of the cities you selected.


Time Zone Information

You can read about time zones and their history at:

Your Time Zone

You can find your time zone at:

You can convert time from one zone to another using the time zone converter at www.timeanddate.com.

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