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In case you have dial-up at home and fast connection at work (or friend) you can download the upgrades on the computer that has fast connection.

  1. Start Synaptic.
  2. Do a "Reload".
  3. Mark the packages that you want to upgrade or install.
  4. Go to File -> Generate package download script -> choose a name for the script.
  5. Copy the script to a flash drive or floppy or e-mail it to yourself.
  6. Copy and execute the script on a Linux machine (it can be a PC running MEPIS LiveCD). The script will download all the needed .deb packages in the folder you run it from. Copy those files on your flash drive.
  7. On your home machine install all those .deb files either using Synaptic -> File -> Add downloaded packages or open the folder that contains those files and execute the dpkg -i *.deb command in konsole.

Another way: using apt-zip: Install apt-zip on home computer with "apt-get install apt-zip"

  1. run "apt-get update"
  2. mount your flash drive or zipdisk.
  3. run "apt-zip-list --medium=/mnt/flash/ --aptgetaction=upgrade" and then unmount the drive.

Then on your work computer:

  1. mount the flash drive.
  2. run the "fetch-script-wget-computername" script from the flash drive and unmount the drive.

At home:

  1. mount drive.
  2. run "apt-zip-inst --medium=/mnt/flash --aptgetaction=upgrade" that should install all the packages needed for upgrades including the dependencies.

You can also get specific packages and their dependencies. For more info type "man apt-zip" in terminal. You can probably run the "fetch-script-wget-computername" script on Live CD too if you don't have a Linux installation at work.

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