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This is a place where for the development of a new diagnostic section for the Manual.


The purpose of this document is [ADD]. It's intended audience is [ADD].


  • Manual

At least look over the Manual. The link is on your Desktop. It is an extremely comprehensive document and may have a solution to your problem.

  • Wiki

Our Wiki is the work of many different hands. It has solutions that have worked for others. Use the categories initially. If it does not help to look at the category of problem you are having, try using its Search function.

  • google (or other) search

When searching using a general search engine use Linux as one of the search terms.

  • KDE 4.x is not KDE 3.x

It will not work the same way many times.

  • There are Guides in the Wiki for KDE 4 and Dolphin that will help greatly. Entering KDE 4 in the search will bring up a list of those and other things that apply to KDE 4.
  • Mepis uses su rather than sudo for root access needs.
  • this can be changed if you prefer.
  • General troubleshooting tips
  • Is it hardware or software?

When something doesn't work define the problem. What is happening or not happening? It's a good idea to keep notes of things tried. Do you understand what should be happening? If it's software, do you know what the software is supposed to do? Is it capable of doing what you want it to? Have you read the software docs/manual? Have you checked all the options of the software in question? Checked all the menus? Did it ever work? If so then what was changed last or what things were changed since it did work? Is your /etc/apt/sources.list up to date? Is it the correct version for the version of Mepis that you are using? Entering sources list in the Wiki search will bring up a list of all the sources lists available for different versions of Mepis. Use the correct version that matches your Mepis version.

  • Is the problem intermittent? Can it be reproduced? What causes it to be reproduced?
  • Do you understand the tool or program being used? ie: Have you read the Manual or Wiki concerning it.

Installing software without reading the Manual or Wiki concerning Synatic or APT/apt-get/aptitude can cause problems that are avoidable.

  • If the problem is a program, have you tried reinstalling? Tried reinstalling after removing with configurations?
  • When upgrading software that is Mepis-specific did you accept the new configuration? Generally recommended.
  • If it's not Mepis-specific did you keep the old configuration? Generally this is recommended.
  • If you have a recent upgrade to a program and things started to happen have you downgraded to see if that helps?
  • Have you tried to run the program from a Konsole/Terminal? This will give an error message that usually helps diagnose what's happening.
  • Search is your friend

Search the forum. Search the Internet.

  • KISS Keep it simple. The most likely cause is usually the problem. Check those things first.

Have you rebooted?

  • When troubleshooting only change one thing at a time. This is good advice most of the time. Upgrading software is generally best done all at once as there can be needed programs for full functioning. Using the 'Install recommended packages' switch can enhance a program and/or solve a problem you are having. It must be chosen each time Synaptic is opened. It is under the Preferences menu.
  • If asking for help state the name/version of software being used. ie: Mepis 11, DigiKam 1.9.0, etc.

State whether configuration changes were made. State what you have tried to resolve the problem. Are you using a virtual machine?

Guide on How to ask for Help

  • Do some research first. Refer to the Manual, the icon is on your desktop; the wiki, tab is at the top of this forum; and the Quick Start Guide, the icon is on your desktop. Very often others have had the same problem and it is covered in these documents.
  • Choose a title that is descriptive of your problem.

Won't start - Bad Title KDE GUI will not start -Good Title

  • Give a detailed description of the problem, including:

The version of Mepis you are using including whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit. Any error messages. What application(s) you were running. OS state you were in, example, at the KDM login screen. What error occurred.

  • State anything that you attempted to correct the problem, and what affect the attempted fix had, if any.
  • The hardware specifications of your machine. If it is a video problem obviously the video card is important. At times it may not be clear what component may be the problem, if it is a hardware problem, so give as much detail on hardware as possible.
  • One way to provide this information is using a script called inxi. For detailed information on how to get and use this script, please refer to this:
  • Please ask politely, avoiding derogatory statements about MEPIS, MEPIS Community Forum members, or other operating systems, whether Linux, Microsoft, or Apple. A statement like Windows does this better is not helpful to someone trying to solve your problem on MEPIS. Many may have solutions that are unusable or do not apply, but try to remain polite and patient. They are only trying to help.
  • When and if a solution is found that satisfies you, mark the thread Solved. You can do this by clicking the green check mark at the bottom your post.
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