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!!! Warning! The info contained in this article pertains to older versions of MEPIS !!!
Usually when you install a program with Synaptic or apt-get an entry is added to KMenu, if you cannot find it there try the following instructions:

  1. Go to KMenu (click on K icon on the left side of the Kicker)
  2. Settings
  3. Menu Updating
  4. Click Scan
  5. Check the box next to the program you want to add.

If the program is not appearing in the list after you click scan you can manually create an entry in KMenu like this:

  1. Right-Click on KMenu and choose Menu Editor (or left-click -> Settings -> Menu Editor).
  2. Select the menu folder where you want to place the entry.
  3. Select File -> New Item (or press CTRL-N).
  4. Enter item name.
  5. Enter the command to start the program in Command box (usually the program name).
  6. Clik on icon to choose a different icon.
  7. Set different optional settings available, such as shortcut key and enable launch feedback.
  8. Save.

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