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Upgrading MEPIS Linux 7.x to MEPIS 8

See for now MEPIS 8 Upgrade FAQ

Upgrading SimplyMEPIS 6.x to MEPIS Linux 7.x

MEPIS 7.x has switched back to a Debian base (from the Ubuntu base of the 6.x releases) - so the info in the section below is still relevant. Choosing to preserve home may work for some - but it is probably better to backup your configurations (hidden .files and folders in your /home/user/ directory) and re-instate any you need that way.

Upgrading SimplyMEPIS 3.x to SimplyMEPIS 6.x

Because of big changes that intervened (change from Debian to Ubuntu sources) it is not possible to upgrade SimplyMEPIS 3.4 to SimplyMEPIS 6.x by using Synaptic. However, it is possible to install over preserving /home where all the personal files and program configurations are located.

Upgrading from CD

You can install Mepis CD and choose to preserve /home partition or folder when you choose where to install. Use the same user-name and then choose "reuse older /home" partition when asked.

  • Of course it's a good idea to back up your data before you do anything that affects your system in such a radical way.
  • Another suggestion: keep a list of packages that you usually install after you install MEPIS so you'll be able to paste that list to an "apt-get install" command in order to get your system back how it was as fast and convenient as possible). If you do not have such a list, look here: Which packages did I add?


If you choose to preserve home, ~/.kde folder will still get overwritten, make sure you backup everything valuable from that folder.

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