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Vaclav Hanzl

If you insist, you can find more about me somewhere here:

OK, I did not intend to write too much about myself, but my story starts to look like a good Mepis PR :-), so here it goes:

I converted my darlingto Mepis 6.0. She was on dying MS Windows - it was getting slower and slower under usual "wear and tear" of spyware infections and their removals. Seemed there is no user satisfaction to be lost by conversion to Linux. And she already knew that Linux can do some real work because I typeset her japanese textbook using opensource tools. So I looked around and found Mepis.

I was amazed. After Knoppix, it was the second live CD ever I really liked. Furthermore, it installed from the very same CD. It was oriented towards average computer users and it had great web support site oriented this way, yet not looking dumb to an experienced linux user. Great.

Later on, her Windows humbly proposed to clean C: and compressed some vital dll out of the existence. We accepted this OS suicide as a reasonable decision. Dual boot period was over, just in time. She does not miss MS Windows too much and I do my best to make her Mepis even better.

And now comes the promissed Mepis PR part about myself :-)

I went through HP-UX, Solaris, even SCO, Slackware, RedHat, Debian - mostly happy with Linux in all I did, was it supercomputer clusters, embeded devices or usual desktop work. I went the hard way whenever there was a need, hunting problems down to the kernel source line to be fixed before recompile etc etc. Hardly any software problem could stop me anymore in the opensource world...

Now I am tired of it. Life can offer me much better thrills than kernel compile these days. I want usual things to just work. More and more I was playing with my darling's Mepis... At Etch-based 7.0 beta 4, it happened: I decided to betray my old good Sarge, hacked up'n'down and several times around, and to install Mepis on my desktops. Office tools just work. DVD burning just works. Video player just works. Well, maybe part of this is due to Etch itself, but I already like Mepis too much to try any alternatives in the near future :-)

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