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Please don't put in that k3b auto checks the md5sum in the New User Guide, it doesnt check it against anything and ALWAYS says that it is ok. This has come up in the discussion part of that article before and we decided against telling people to use that way. We have, in the past seen people think that the md5sum is correct simply because k3b said it was. that is why we did not use that method.--Mos 21:30, 20 Sep 2006 (EDT)

I agree, it says "failed" only if you interrupt it from calculating the sum. We can say in text "check the obtained md5sum against the one downoloaded from FTP site, even if K3B reports it as OK (this is only to show that the calculation was completed, not that MD5 is correct)" or something like that... -- AdrianTM 21:50, 20 Sep 2006 (EDT)

OK, thanks, I didn't know that.


Changes front page

Please take a look and see if it's better or worse. I tried to make categories more clear and consistent. Please respond in main page talk page. Thanks. -- AdrianTM 01:33, 24 February 2007 (EST)

Smp page

Which link should be on this page, Compiling_and_installing_a_new_kernel or Install_new_kernel? Do we need both in the Wiki?

one talks about installing SMP enabled kernel (I called that "new kernel" because at that time it was a new kernel) the other one talks about how to compile and install a kerenl... different issues. -- AdrianTM 17:41, 3 March 2007 (EST)


Is this the way the URL for ICDL_formatting_conventions should look?

Seems like an image was lost when the Wiki was moved...

MEPIS Assistants (draft)

MEPIS 6.5 includes four powerful assistants to aid users with system procedures. They are accessed from Menu --> System --> MEPIS, from the systems icon to the right of the main menu icon, or by entering the command in parentheses below on a command line. You must provide root's password to be able to open them.

MEPIS Network Assistant (mnetwork)

MEPIS System Assistant (msystem)

MEPIS User Assistant (muser)

MEPIS X-Windows Assistant (mxconfig)

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