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VMWare is a desktop virtualization software or virtual machine for software developers/testers and enterprise IT professionals that runs multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single PC. For example one could run Windows inside VMWare on MEPIS, or test different Linux distributions without having to reboot MEPIS.


Free products

You can choose either of these products:

They all can run VMs, however they have different features: VMWare Player is easier to install but can't create VMs, while VMWare Server might be too "heavy" for your needs.


VMWare Player

  1. VMWare Player is available in Synaptic, search for "vmware" and install all the packages you find.
  2. run as root in konsole

VMWare Server

  1. Download the tarball for Linux
  2. Untar the downloaded file
  3. open the folder created, press F4 to open konsole in that directory
  4. log in as root and type:


vmware-config.pl is the configuration script for VMWare. Follow the prompts, if you are not sure about an option accept the default.

Create Virtual Machines

VMWare Server and Workstation have an easy option to create VMs, VMWare Player doesn't have such feature because it is meant just for running pre-build applications, however you can create VMs for it with the help of: http://www.easyvmx.com/ and http://www.consolevision.com/members/dcgrendel/vmxform.html

  • Remember to choose IDE over SATA when you choose the type of the virtual harddisk.
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