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Apache can be installed through Synaptic, or by opening up a terminal and typing as root:

apt-get install apache2


  • Apache configuration file is /etc/apache2/apache2.conf you can edit it with any text editor.
  • There is also a /etc/apache2/ports.conf file; you can change the port used by Apache there (useful if your ISP blocks port 80).


  • After you install apache everything that you'll put in /var/www/ will appear on the web, you need an "index.html" page if you want to display a page by default.
  • Apache should start every time you reboot. By default when you install Apache the program will place a link S91apache2 in the appropriate runlevels. To stop it from starting automatically each time you reboot follow these instructions.

Control commands

apache2ctl start
apache2ctl stop
apache2ctl restart


  • To test Apache locally, type in your browser: http://localhost or and you should get the Apache test page.
  • To make it accessible from outside make sure your firewall allows communication on port 80. Also, some ISPs are known to block port 80, if that's your case you will need to change it to 8080 or something similar. To do that you need to edit /etc/apache2/ports.conf and change 80 to another available port.

More information here: Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0 Documentation

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