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You will want to move your saved files from Windows --documents, pictures, music, etc--into your Home directory (/home/username, see Filesystem), which can be opened by clicking on the house icon on kicker (the taskbar). MEPIS comes with default folders (Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.) that you can use, or you can create your own by right-clicking in an open space, and clicking "Create New --> Folder".

How you copy your files from Windows into your Home folder will depend on how you stored your Windows files. Whatever process you used, you need now to reverse it. For a CD or DVD for example, you would use the following procedure:

  • Insert the disc into the disc drive of your computer and wait a second ot two.
  • Double-click the icon to view the contents of the disc.
  • Ensure that your Home folder is open in another window.
  • In the CD/DVD window, you can drag the folders/files individually to the destination you wish.
  • Alternatively, click "Edit → Select All". Then click "Edit --> Copy" to make a copy of all of the selected files. Click in your Home folder, click "Edit → Paste" to copy all of the files over. If you have many files, this may take a long time.

For organization and management of these files, see Media management.

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