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Wine Setup advice

Installing wine can be as simple as selecting it in synaptic and typing

wine windowsprogram.exe

However, wine is still a pretty tricky thing to get properly configured and working with your programs, so here is some advice on how to get a wine installation going that will be a little more effective.

First, get wine from the winehq sources rather than from the debian repos. There may be some disagreement about this, but I have had better luck with the winehq sources in the past. Instructions on how to do this are here:

Next, get the microsoft core fonts, otherwise wine windows will be unreadable. It's in the repositories, thankfully, just install the package msttcorefonts.

Now get the sidenet wine installer. This will configure a nice wine environment and install IE6 and Mediaplayer6. Even if you don't intend to use IE6, I would advise this because many windows programs use IE libraries or depend on it. The sidenet installer is really easy to use, just untar it and run the binary. Get it here:

Now, you want to install windows installer. I have had no luck getting installer 3.1 installed, but installer 2 will do fine if you install it under the windows 98 emulation. Get it here:

windows installer

If you run that in wine and nothing happens, run winecfg and make sure you're set to windows98 by default. The installer won't run if you're in 2000 or XP mode.

I have found this setup has greatly improved the number of software packages that work under wine.

Another approach to installing IE is to download just put it in your Desktop, right click and select 'extract here' then open the commandline and type cd ies4linux-2.0 <enter> ./ies4linux <enter>

Wine tools can be useful too

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