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Battle Of Branston...

Ok, maybe that's a little melodramatic, but this is the story of how linux (or more specifically Mepis) beat Windows in a Lincolnshire Village.

My Fiancee's Brother had many issues with his Redmond based desktop, which culminated in an IRQ clash that wouldn't let him switch his computer on. They tried everything from removing the clashing devices to re-formatting and re-installing the Operating System... Nothing worked! After a lot of laughter (apparently the computer cost a lot of money), my fiance said "I bet Linux would make it work". Unfortunately the owner of the computer is a bit of an OS snob, and isn't prepared to accept anyone but his beloved Gates can make Operating Systems, so he refused the offer... until today Finally he gave in, and allowed me near his computer - with the promise that if it worked my Fiancee could keep the computer... Armed with nothing more than a Mepis live CD and a strange feeling of vindication I quickly discovered that not only was there an IRQ clash but the re-installation process had even mucked up the File System. Mepis loved his computer, and happily accessed his wireless modem, his expensive graphics card, and flew like Windo$e never had! After a short installation the live CD's contents had become a permanent feature of the now impressive desktop PC, and my fiance had gained a computer.

The point of the story? Well it has been said many times before that this is the year of Linux on the desktop, so i won't say that - but Linux really is a powerful and easy to use operating system capable of using modern computer technology as well (or in this case better) than the leading competitor. There is no good reason not to give Linux a try

Spreading the Word of Mepis - First Published at http://www.lincs.lug.org.uk

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