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XRandr - The X Resize and Rotate extension

The XRandR extension allows the dynamic resizing and rotation of the XServer screen display or displays. XRandR partially replaces configurations in the xorg.conf file.

The xrandr command is run by clicking KMenu --> System --> More Applications, or from the command line (as user, not root):


-will list available display modes for your attached monitor/s for the current driver-hardware configuration you have.

To attempt to automatically configure all attached displays as one large desktop, type:

xrandr --auto

There are numerous possible configurations available using xrandr - including dual/multi screen, screen rotation, virtual screen - multi head etc.

It is possible to use XRandR to configure almost any display configuration desired and has a number of GUI front ends.


Debian XStrikeForce RandR how to


Newbies guide to XRandR from Phoronics


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