Frequently Asked Questions - General

MEPIS LLC is a company established to better develop, promote, and support MEPIS Linux. Both were founded by Warren Woodford, a computer industry veteran.

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Strictly speaking, Linux is an open source computer operating system invented by Linus Torvalds but often the term Linux is used generically to refer to the operating system combined with useful software applications.

For example, in common business language, MEPIS might be described as a brand and SimplyMEPIS a desktop Linux product. This means that it includes the operating system and software applications, assembled with great attention to design details, in order to give you an enjoyable, safe, and secure desktop computing experience.

As of this writing, MEPIS does not sell on eBay or on any other auction site. MEPIS sells direct only through the MEPIS Store. If someone has sold you a MEPIS CD on eBay, you have probably purchased an older version, produced from inferior materials, and distributed illegally.