• SimplyMEPIS just works! It is pre-configured for simplicity and ease of use, even for beginners
  • SimplyMEPIS features unique hardware detection and a superior configuration
  • SimplyMEPIS allows you to test and try without installation to see if it suits you and your needs
  • SimplyMEPIS is well supported by excellent community resources

Programs, Programs, Programs...

SimplyMEPIS 8.5 arrives with a choice of the best programs for pleasure and productivity, all delivered on top of a Debian 5 stable core using the 2.6.32 Linux kernel. We've already included great applications for you, such as the award-winning OpenOffice Writer that provides excellent compatibility with MS-Office, the popular browser Firefox with its great flexibility, along with excellent programs for email and messsaging. There are also basic multimedia applications for working with music, images and video; advanced, sophisticated multimedia applications are readily available as needed. Thousands more software packages can be had with free download and painless installation from Debian and our own Community, keeping you on the cutting edge without forsaking stability.

The KDE 4.3 Desktop

MEPIS 8.5 ships with a transitional implementation of the exciting KDE 4 desktop. This means that you get all the new advantages and features set up for you in a familiar format that will be easy to understand. Also, we provide a detailed introduction to it in the User's Manual that will get you oriented to the new environment. KDE 4.3 offers many improvements:

  • A powerful new file manager named Dolphin
  • A single System Settings center for configuration and customization
  • A search and launch system called KRunner for running commands and finding useful information
  • Many upgraded or newly developed utilities such as Network Manager
  • Beautiful graphics with a wide range of optional effects

You are going to love the way this new desktop improves performance and usability!

The MEPIS magic

SimplyMEPIS 8.5 also ships with its own graphical tool suite:

  • the Network Assistant, to configure and test a wired or wireless network
  • the System Assistant, to create a live USB thumbdrive, repair a partition, etc.
  • the User Assistant, to easily manage user accounts
  • the X-Windows Assistant, to install graphics card drivers, set monitor models, etc.
  • the Welcome Center, to guide the new user through the first steps
  • the NDisWrapper Manager, to make it easy to use legacy drivers for wireless access

These tools combine to make a powerful suite that is intuitive and easy to use.

Hardware That's Not Hard

If you've ever installed any operating system you know the many hours spent installing drivers and getting your hardware and peripherals to work. The SimplyMEPIS hardware detection takes care of installing the drivers for you. It checks on every boot for new hardware, then loads the right driver. You can even check your hardware before installation using the new option called "R/W filesystem" that lets you temporarily install the necessary drivers.

Support That's Truly Supporting

If you run into unexpected problems, here are some reliable tools you can use:

There is a link to the User's Manual right on your desktop, and links to primary sources of help are already included in the Welcome Center and among your Firefox Bookmarks.

The Devil Is In The Details

MEPIS is continually working to assure the fitness, finish, and overall quality of its products. We understand that computers should help you, not get in your way. We want your experience with SimplyMepis to be a totally positive one so that your work and play are enjoyable, your desktop works perfectly and everything looks seamless. MEPIS pursues that goal tenaciously, and that makes you the winner.

Easy Start, Great Finish

Ready to act? First, glance through this miniguide to get yourself oriented. Then, order or download MEPIS 8.5, make a bootable medium (CD, USB) with it, reboot and off you go!