AntiX-M8.5 beta release is available for testing

Morgantown, WV, US and Thessaloniki, Greece, Nov 30, 2009 -- Anti has announced the first public beta of antiX-M8.5. It is available at MEPIS mirrors in the released/antix directory as antiX-M8.5-pt1-beta.iso.

This is the first public test release of antiX-M8.5, a light, but fully featured MEPIS/Debian Testing distro suitable for older computers as well as new. antiX defaults to a fully customized icewm 'desktop' and fluxbox is also included as an alternative.

Minimum recommended RAM 128MB (lower may work) There are a lot of changes for antiX-M8.5. New features include persistence for liveusb and frugal install. There is a 'remaster on the fly then install' to hard-drive capability.

The release also includes: antiX2usb gui app, latest 2.6.32 MEPIS smp kernel, latest wireless drivers and firmware updates, and insserv/sysv-rc capability once installed for even faster boot.

There is further improvements to localization especially of antiX apps. Iceape suite replaces iceweasel. Fluxbox and icewm menus have been restructured; desktop=fluxbox cheatcode at boot menu.(live only); gamix replaces aumix; imagination slideshow added; geeqie replaces gqview.

Latest Abiword and Gnumeric for office work; games include Xmahjongg, gweled, lbreakout and sudoku.

For those that want more control, install the antiX-M8.5-base iso. It comes with Xorg, fluxbox, iceape-navigator, rox-filer and a few other apps to get you started.

About Anti
Anti is a Brit living and working for the last 19 years as a teacher in Thessaloniki the second largest city in Greece. AntiX is remastered from MEPIS to give something back to the community and to work on boxes with 128MB RAM (It does work with 64MB RAM + 128MB swap). The name alludes to the ideas that it is supposed to be like antics (fun) and it is for antiques (ie older boxes). Plus anti is the nickname of the creator and maintainer of AntiX.

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