Debian Lenny Based SimplyMEPIS 8.0 is Released

Morgantown, WV, Feb 22, 2009 -- MEPIS LLC has released SimplyMEPIS 8.0, the community edition of MEPIS 8.0. The ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.0.00-rel_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.0.00-rel_64.iso.

SimplyMEPIS 8.0 utilizes a Debian Lenny stable foundation enhanced with a Long Term Support kernel, key package upgrades, and the MEPIS Assistant applications to create an up-to-date, ready to use desktop computer system.

Warren Woodford of MEPIS explained "Debian, which is renowned for it's stability and live cycle support, released Lenny a week ago as the latest version of Debian. By building on this excellent upstream base, we expect MEPIS 8.0 to enjoy a long life as a personal and business desktop system."

Warren continued, "And Adrian Bunk of the kernel development team is providing Long Term Support for the 2.6.27 Linux kernel. MEPIS is using this kernel to insure that the latest security and support patches are available to MEPIS 8.0 users."

In addition to Linux kernel, MEPIS 8.0 includes many desktop applications for example KDE 3.5.10, OpenOffice 3.0, and Firefox 3.0.6. To support US Gov deployment of DNSsec and IPv6, MEPIS 8.0 includes Bind 0.9.6 and IPv6 is enabled out-of-the-box. Virtualization is easily supported by downloading KVM 84 and libvirt 0.6.0 from the MEPIS 8.0 package pool.

Woodford praised the MEPIS community, "I can't possibly name all of the community members who contributed to this release. My thanks to all of them. There was Marcos and Jerry who drove the improvement of the MEPIS Network Assistant--and they are continuing to work on enhancements to the other MEPIS Assistants as well. SilverBear and many others who updated the MEPIS User Manual. And Michael, Brooko, and the others who created the autorunning MEPIS Introduction for the bootable CDs."

ISO images of MEPIS community releases are published to the 'released' subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and at MEPIS public mirrors. To support the ongoing development of MEPIS, community users are encouraged to go to become MEPIS Subscribers at the MEPIS store at and/or help out at the MEPIS community sites, and

About SimplyMEPIS
SimplyMEPIS is a mature and ready to use desktop operating system for PCs and Apple computers that have Intel or AMD 32 or 64 bit processors. It is easier than Vista and intuitive for XP and Win98 users. SimplyMEPIS includes all of the applications that most users need and want. SimplyMEPIS is designed to replace or work side by side with Vista or XP on PCs and OSX on Apple computers.

Founded in 2002 by Silicon Valley veteran Warren Woodford, MEPIS LLC provides senior consulting services for product strategy, architecture design, business and systems analysis, and cross-platform software development. MEPIS also develops and maintains SimplyMEPIS, a well regarded community release of desktop Linux, that functions as the testbed for a MEPIS Linux core that is used to build and deploy virtualized data center, secure server and desktop solutions.