SimplyMEPIS 8.5 Goes Gold

Morgantown, WV, Mar 29, 2010 -- MEPIS LLC has announced the availability of SimplyMEPIS 8.5 from MEPIS and public mirrors. The ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.5.01-rel1_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.5.01-rel1_64.iso respectively. Deltas are also available.

On behalf of the MEPIS Community, Paul Brooks was on hand to say: "This is one of the best releases ever. The Community collaboration with Warren has strengthened over the past couple of years, with in-depth testing and the contribution of ideas and tweaks. In particular, the Community provided artwork and documentation, which I believe are top notch. Also community member Marcos led the charge to improve MEPIS utilities and to create new Community contributed utilities."

Warren Woodford said: "There have been no changes to the foundation packages, since the RC3 build. We received and incorporated some translations from community members and some updated utilities from Marcos. Otherwise, we just made some final tweaks to smooth out some rough edges."

Warren continued: "For 8.5 we started with the stable Debian Lenny core and then selectively introduced updated packages that make SimplyMEPIS 8.5 a more timely OS. It could be thought of as similar to a 'Lenny and a half' kind of release, but of course with the MEPIS vision."

Specifically 8.5 utilizes a 2.6.32 kernel for up to date hardware support. It has the new KDE 4.3.4 desktop, yet retains much of the familiar MEPIS/KDE look and feel, so users can slowly become familiar with the new features in KDE 4.3. The new MEPIS Welcome Center guides users through their first steps with MEPIS including finding documentation, connecting with the community, and optionally installing additional apps and language packs.

Warren concluded with: "OpenOffice, Firefox, and other user applications have been updated about as far as is possible while remaining consistent with a Lenny foundation and upstream Debian packaging. Today we are releasing a CD sized ISO. In the coming weeks we may release a larger ISO with more preinstalled packages. Then we will begin work on the next release. Depending on the timing of Debian, it will be synced with the Squeeze Final or maybe with Squeeze Freeze."

SimplyMEPIS development can be followed at or at OEMs, VARs and SIs interested in MEPIS security, server, workstation or desktop technology should contact

ISO images of MEPIS community releases are published to the 'released' subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and at MEPIS public mirrors. To support the ongoing development of MEPIS community editions, users are encouraged to go to become MEPIS Subscribers at the MEPIS store at and/or help out at the MEPIS community sites: and

About SimplyMEPIS
SimplyMEPIS is a mature and ready to use desktop operating system for PCs and Apple computers that have Intel or AMD 32 or 64 bit processors. It is easier than Vista and it does its best to be intuitive for Windows and OSX users. SimplyMEPIS includes all of the applications that most users need and want. SimplyMEPIS is designed to replace or work side by side with Win7, Vista or XP on PCs and OSX and Windows on Apple computers.

Founded in 2002, MEPIS LLC develops and maintains MEPIS Linux as a foundation that allows MEPIS business partners to build and deploy virtualized data center, secure server and desktop solutions that integrate and provide a migration path for utilizing hardware virtualization, IPv6, IPsec and DNSsec. MEPIS also offers senior consulting services for product strategy, architecture design, business and systems analysis, and cross-platform software development.