Offer of GPLed Source Code

Formal Offer of Source Code

Parts of MEPIS products may incorporate GPL licensed binary code. In compliance with the GPL license for that binary code, MEPIS is required to redistribute the related source code, regardless of whether MEPIS has otherwise ever had possession of that source code. However, the GPL License may not compel MEPIS or anyone to violate applicable Laws.

MEPIS offers the source code for GPLed packages included on the SimplyMEPIS 6.0 CD and the SimplyMEPIS 6.0 Extras CDs, on 2 DVDs.

This offer of source code only applies to GPLed source code and to additional source code that MEPIS may choose to include. This offer does not apply to the GPLed source code of GPLed binary code that is not distributed by MEPIS, or that is improperly licensed under the GPL license, or that is determined to be in violation of US law.

The source code DVDs may be purchased at the MEPIS Store for US$29.95.