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SimplyMEPIS 8.0.15 Update Release

Morgantown, WV, Jan 12, 2010 -- MEPIS LLC has released SimplyMEPIS 8.0.15, an update to the community edition of MEPIS 8.0. The ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.0.15-rel_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.0.15-rel_64.iso.

SimplyMEPIS 8.0 utilizes a Debian Lenny Stable foundation enhanced with a Long Term Support kernel, key package updates, and the MEPIS Assistant applications to create an up-to-date, ready to use system providing a KDE 3.5 desktop.

SimplyMEPIS 8.5 beta4 Greets a New Year

Morgantown, WV, Jan 4, 2010 -- Warren Woodford has announced that SimplyMEPIS 8.4.96, the beta4 of MEPIS 8.5, is available from MEPIS and public mirrors. The ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.96-b4_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.96-b4_64.iso respectively. Deltas, requested by the community, are also available.

Warren said: "Even though the past 2 weeks were a holiday time, we have been busy. In this Beta I did a lot work on the look and feel of the KDE4 desktop. There have been many suggestions and contributions from the community, but in the end, someone had to make some decisions and integrate it all together. This took a lot of time. It isn't final, but I think it's very close."

SimplyMEPIS 8.5 beta2 Improvements

Morgantown, WV, Dec 15, 2009 -- Warren Woodford has uploaded SimplyMEPIS 8.4.94, the beta2 of MEPIS 8.5. This beta is available from MEPIS and public mirrors. The ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.94-b2_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.94-b2_64.iso.

Warren reports the follow changes: "The rapid response of the Debian KDE Team made it possible for us to recompile KDE 4.3.4 in time for this beta. And we were able to fix the perpetually problematic Python toolchain well enough that system-config-printer-kde finally works." "Also there have been numerous suggestions from the community. Some are included now, and some will be in the next beta."

SimplyMEPIS 8.5 beta1 Release

Morgantown, WV, Dec 7, 2009 -- MEPIS has released SimplyMEPIS 8.4.90, the beta1 of MEPIS 8.5. The beta is available from MEPIS and public mirrors. The ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.90-b1_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.90-b1_64.iso.

Warren Woodford reported on the progress in the 8.5 release cycle: "This beta includes a 2.6.32 kernel that is one patch short of the final. The next beta will probably contain kernel We still use KDE 4.3.2 but we're hoping we can leverage the dedicated efforts of the Debian KDE Team to update to a newer version soon."

AntiX-M8.5 beta release is available for testing

Morgantown, WV, US and Thessaloniki, Greece, Nov 30, 2009 -- Anti has announced the first public beta of antiX-M8.5. It is available at MEPIS mirrors in the released/antix directory as antiX-M8.5-pt1-beta.iso.

This is the first public test release of antiX-M8.5, a light, but fully featured MEPIS/Debian Testing distro suitable for older computers as well as new. antiX defaults to a fully customized icewm 'desktop' and fluxbox is also included as an alternative.

Minimum recommended RAM 128MB (lower may work) There are a lot of changes for antiX-M8.5. New features include persistence for liveusb and frugal install. There is a 'remaster on the fly then install' to hard-drive capability.

MEPIS Birthday Surprise: SimplyMEPIS 8.5 alpha Release

Morgantown, WV, Nov 22, 2009 -- November 21 was the seventh anniversary of MEPIS Linux, so it seems fitting that Warren Woodford has uploaded SimplyMEPIS 8.4.80, the alpha release of MEPIS 8.5. Available from MEPIS and public mirrors, the ISO files for 32 and 64 bit processors are SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.80-a0_32.iso and SimplyMEPIS-CD_8.4.80-a0_64.iso.

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