System Hardware

MEPIS is compatible with Pentium and Athlon processors. Itanium and AMD64 processors will be supported with the early 2007 release of SimplyMEPIS 6.5 64-bit version.

To run from hard drive, MEPIS needs at least 128 MB RAM.
When running from CD, the performance may be very poor with only 128MB.

When installing MEPIS on a hard drive, at least 2 GB of space is required but 4 GB is preferred.

A hard drive or CDROM drive may be IDE, SATA, SCSI, or USB but when MEPIS is installed, the root partition must be on an IDE or SATA drive.

A USB drive should be connected only through a USB2 adapter. USB1 adapters are too slow for hard drives.

MEPIS automatically supports most of the latest chipsets including VIA and NForce.


    MEPIS should work automatically in a LAN environment, including LAN connected Cable Modems.
    MEPIS works with some DSL providers and not with others.
    MEPIS works with most WiFi cards. Some people with Broadcom chips may experience problems. The Broadcom chips are sometimes used by Apple, Belkin, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Compaq, and Linksys
    MEPIS includes builtin support for many modems including some popular WinModems.
    Dialup ISPs
    Dialup ISP configuration is very similar to MS-Windows.
    Linux is not compatible with ISPs that require special MS-Windows software when connecting to their network. This includes AOL and NetZero.
    MS Networking Neighborhood
    MEPIS is compatible with MS Networking and can operate as a member of a MS Workgroup, but the MS network must use TCPIP, not NetBEUI.
    Some users have reported problems logging into Win2K boxes from MEPIS. This is probably a configuration issue.
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